THE BEST SKATEPARK IN THE WORLD – XSA – Ola Selsjord – Kostya Andreev – Alex Nikulin

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I have recently been to Russia for the XSA Invitational contest in the Olympic park in Sochi! Seriously one of the best contest parks I’ve ever attended. The level of riding was crazy as well.
1. Alex Nikulin
2. Ola Selsjord
3. Kostya Andreev

And after the contest, we took the train 5 hours to russias bmx capital, Krasnodar!
My mind was pretty blown. Absolutely the best bmx-park i have ever tried. The quarters, jumpboxes and resi was perfect! These guys know how to build good ramps.

I got food poisoned the last three days, so my riding wasn’t on top, but happy about the clips we got + the resi madness at the end:D

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