5050 Skatepark Merritt BMX Session

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The Merritt Team visited 5050 Skatepark in 2013.
Team Riders are Mike Brennan, Charlie Crumlish, Justin Care, Brendan Begin, Chris Childs Jim Borio, Pete Sawyer, and 5050 Skatepark owner Ed Pollio.

Got check out there page http://www.youtube.com/user/MERRITTBMX
or http://merrittbmx.com/

5050 Skatepark
354 Front St,
Staten Island, NY 10304
(347) 857-6007

About 5050 Skatepark:
5050 Skatepark is New York City’s only indoor Skatepark. 5050 is better known by its locals as a family friendly environment.
5050 was inspired by Benjamin Soto a BMXer who passed away in 2001.
His dream was to open an Indoor Skatepark in his hometown of Staten Island (NYC) United States.

This is 5050 Skatepark’s official YouTube Channel.

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​Produced by @edpollio and @angelicapoplano​

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